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What is Functional Training?

There are many different ways to move your body to lose weight, gain strength, or just be healthier. For those who are looking to gain stronger arms, legs, and core muscles, I offer functional training classes in my gym.

If you've never heard of functional training, you're not alone. Although the concept can seem pretty basic once you learn about it, it's not often discussed or can be called by other names. Functional training is often thought of as training that strengthens a specific part of the body to perform a specific exercise. For example, when you lift your toddler 100 times a day, or if you work in a warehouse and lift the same 20 pound crate over and over all day with the same motions. However, this idea can be widened to include the entire body and be used for performing any number of regular day-to-day activities. What's important to remember is that in functional training, the movements are defined by the exerciser, not a preselected set of motions from a machine. Instead, we will typically complete these exercises with free weights or other types of functional training equipment in the gym.

Many people think of functional training as body building. And, traditionally, that's what it was used for. But nowadays we can complete the same exercises but target the entire body using various movements through the planes of motion. What are planes of motion? Glad you asked. When you complete an exercise in a forward and backward motion, that's one plane. Now if you do it side to side, that's another. Up and down is another plane of motion as well. Even if it's the same exercise, if you complete it through different planes of motion, you're working different muscles, and therefore creating a whole body functional training workout.

If you're thinking that functional training near me sounds like a good idea, give me a call today! We can discuss your body goals, schedule availability, and find out what would work best for you. At Get Fit EGV, we thrive in a small community of supportive people all working on their health and fitness goals together. When you join us, you'll be welcomed with open arms no matter where you're at in your fitness journey. We look forward to making new friends that help us along our path and provide the strength and support that's so important to total mind and body health. Come join us today and see where it takes you!

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