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Try a New Kind of Workout with a Kickboxing Gym Near Me

A lot of people, when they think of kickboxing, picture it as a women's self-defense kind of workout. This is how it originally began, and it still totally can be if you want it to! But it can also be used to gain stronger muscles and longer endurance, no matter what gender you are. So, if you're thinking about or looking for a kickboxing gym near me, check out Get Fit EGV!

Kickboxing is a great workout if you're looking for something different to spice up your routine. Maybe you've hit a plateau or just aren't seeing the results you want with your current workout. It might be time to try something else. Kickboxing builds strength, stamina, and coordination. It's a great workout whether you're a total beginner, or a seasoned athlete. And it's not just for building muscle! You can even use it to burn calories and lose weight.

When you join a kickboxing class at Get Fit EGV, we'll start with some stretching to warm up. We might even try some crunches and planks to work on your core muscles. Then, I'll show you some choreographed punches, kicks, and knee strikes. You'll get the chance to show us what you've got and I'll give you some personalized tips to improve your form for a more effective workout. Lastly, we'll end with some cool down stretching so you don't injure any muscles. Each session will last about 30-60 minutes.

Some trainers near me will only work with people one-on-one, and we can totally do that too! But at my gym, I love to see a small group of people working out together and rooting for each other the whole time. Working on yourself while surrounded by passionate people who just "get" it is a great feeling. In my gym, we don't compete against each other because we all work at our own level and at our own pace. Instead, we support each other on our individual journeys and recognize each other's accomplishments.

If you're looking for a gym near me and you think kickboxing would be a great workout for you, give me a call at Get Fit EGV today! We can talk about your fitness goals and availability to find the right workout for you. I look forward to seeing you in the gym!

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