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This is the Best Open Gym Near Me

A lot of people who come to my gym have the goal of getting stronger. I love this! When you're strong physically, you'll feel stronger both mentally and emotionally, as well. You'll be better able to tackle the ups and downs of daily life while maintaining your sanity. With that being said, we do a lot of strength training exercises at Get Fit EGV. This program is ideal for the beginning weightlifter but can also be adapted for experienced lifters. If you are looking for “gyms near me open now”, check out Get Fit EGV.

Just like with any workout program, you need to make sure to keep your body safe so that you don't cause unnecessary injury to yourself. Always be sure to check with your doctor first, let me know if you have any conditions that might prevent you from doing certain moves, and wear the appropriate clothing to the gym.

Your first step before any workout is always to warm up. Start by foam rolling your glutes, quads, upper back, and lats for about two minutes. Then, spend the next eight minutes doing a variety of stretches. I typically recommend a deep squat lat stretch, the dead bug stretch, the kneeling glute stretch, a forearm wall slide, and the walking Spiderman. I'll show you how to do all of these in our first session.

During barbell training, we'll work on a series of five exercises. The first is the back squat. You'll stand up tall, holding the barbell behind your back and neck, then squat, and stand back up. The second exercise is the bench press. You'll lay flat on your back on the bench, then grab the barbell and lift it up and over your head, bring it down to your chest, then back up and over to rest on the bar. The third exercise is the barbell row. You'll stand, bent at the waist, and lift the barbell up from the floor to your chest and back to the floor. The fourth exercise is the deadlift. You'll squat down to pick up the barbell then stand up straight, holding it at your waist, then set it back down again. The last exercise is the overhead press. You'll start standing up with the barbell in front of your chest. Then you'll lift it up over your head, hold it, and bring it back to your chest.

If this sounds like you're perfect barbell training workout, give me a call today so we can schedule your first session!

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