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Are you cheating your workout?

Probably the most accessible 'workout' out there is walking. Many of us try to take up running before we are physically ready, but that's another day and another blog.

If you have been or are thinking about starting a walking routine to get back into the swing of things as well as develop a healthy body composition and plan to kick this off indoors on a treadmill then I need you to ask yourself if you are planning to cheat your workout?

What do I mean by that?

I mean, put in all kinds of work and then not end up with the results you want because you don't know any better. Yup, I said it and I want to take this opportunity to tell you what you probably don't know about walking on a treadmill for getting back to health:

  1. When the incline on the treadmill is set to 0, it's basically doing the work for you - You should set the incline to anywhere between .5 and 1.5 depending on where you are starting from. This will resemble an intensity that is similar to walking outside.

  2. Holding onto the railings of the treadmill while your incline is jacked up to a 12.0 actually takes 70% of the work out of what you are doing. Reduce the incline, reduce the speed and put the work in the right way. Being able to walk at a high incline without holding on means you'll not only get the gains you're looking for, but also work on that core! ie., back and abs.

  3. Interval training on the treadmill is a highly effective method of training that will allow you to get the same amount of work accomplished in a lesser amount of time than just walking alone. Don't spend hours and hours at the gym! What's interval training? It's basically changing the speed or incline for a period of time to increase the intensity of the activity and alternate it with the baseline speed or incline. You can produce a great amount of intensity without running!

  4. If your heels, ankles or bottoms of your feet hurt from running then stop running and start incorporating some triggerpoint therapy into your routine to loosen up the facia properly. Is it NOT, 'No Pain, No Gain.'

Walking is functional training meaning that it will promote and translate into our everyday lives. Let's get fit together!

Want to get started with GET FIT EGV? Then follow #elkgrovestrong on social medial and sign up for #rucktheworkweek every Sunday, 8:00am at Hamilton Lakes in Itasca.

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