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Are You Scared of Gaining Weight During Quarantine?

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

I've seen so so many posts on social media on this topic - some joking with memes, some serious that are asking for ways to prevent this from happening. The fact is, during quarantine, we may or may not be as active as we were with our traditional routine, but it's not the level of activity that's going to produce weight gain during quarantine. You are going to gain weight during quarantine if you are eating to cope or eating because you're bored and that amount of calories exceeds the amount of calories you're burning in a day. It's the same math whether you're in quarantine or not except very few people actually know what to do to keep from gaining weight or maintaining a healthy body composition, they just know if they workout like crazy, it kinda works. Why not know - like know, know how it works instead of guessing? I saw an article yesterday from another health coach saying that all the other trainers are preying on your fears about weight gain and it's totally okay to honor yourself and allow yourself to cope however you need to. Frankly, that's total bullshit in my book. It is not okay to gain 15 pounds in 2 weeks. It is not okay to day drink because you can. This is not a vacation! Whatever new routine you establish in quarantine is either going to make the lifestyle you have afterwards easier or harder when this is all over. If we're in this through the end of May, are you prepared to truck around another 30 to 50 pounds of weight because you were "honoring yourself". C'mon. Life is going to be so much harder with that additional weight, not to mention what is your health going to be like and what kind of impact will those new habits have on your immune system? You will be slower. Your breathing will be shallower. Your joints will hurt. You will feel tired and worn down. And then, if you didn't have time for your health before quarantine, what makes you think you will after with all that extra weight is on? Oh that's right, you'll make the time then because you gotta lose the weight and the viscous cycle begins. You have the time now though. So, how about honor yourself by educating yourself on how to eat according to your goals and stop guessing. Stop counting calories. Stop counting points. Stop gaining weight . . . losing weigh . . . gaining weight . . . losing weight. Start here.


Update 04.13.2020

Check this out!

Peggy Malecki of Natural Awakenings Chicago and I talk about how to reel it in during quarantine to set yourself up for success so you can hit the ground running when the shutdown is over.

Let me know what you think!

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