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Do Better, Be Better

I know starting something new to improve your overall health can be daunting, especially if you're head is already spinning with all these "new year, new you" commercials and apps coming out. Their sole purpose is to create a sense of urgency so that you will open up your pocketbook, but the fact is that everyone truly runs their own race.

For some, new routines click within a week and for others, it can take years. It depends on where you are and where you want to be. All these fad diets, no matter who you are or what your current state of health is, say the same thing - lose weight RIGHT NOW and somehow . . . all your health problems will be a thing of the past.

Don't fall for it. This takes work and anything worth having, including your health is worth it! Don't just do it for your kids, spouse or grandkids - DO IT FOR YOU.

I’d like to leave you with these pointers when it comes to better health as we head into this new year:

  • We are meant to move - so do what you can to preserve that. It doesn't mean you have to sign up for a marathon or start walking miles upon miles tomorrow. It just means, do something more than what you usually do.

  • If you think your current state health may be be attributed to something else like hypothyroidism, hormones, sleep apnea etc. - you’re still going to have to improve your nutrition and activity levels to address those first. Why not walk in that door to the doctor's office knowing you have done everything you can on your end first? It'll make their job easier and your diagnosis/ treatment plan more successful.

  • Stop comparing your progress to a chart of standards based on the ‘norm’. Be better than YOUR YESTERDAY because you might end up surprising yourself with what you’re truly capable of. Set your bar higher no matter what. For example, if you are told you are already doing better than someone else and you have been doing the minimum by your standards, what are the chances you will continue to strive to do better?

With that being said - if you are looking to do better so you can be better then I say take it one day at a time and here's a free challenge sheet below to download to help you do that! Set a goal and if you are able to color in most of those days for each month - then you are doing better and you will feel better.

Download PDF • 402KB

Of course, if you are looking for a little more accountability and an opportunity to collaborate with like minded people, then definitely join our burn challenge for the month of January. Last day to register is 1/3/2022.

Let's get fit together!

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