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Forget About Weight-loss

You heard me!

Forget about weight-loss.

It's about that time of year again where that "new year, new you" stuff starts coming out and I want you to forget about weight-loss this time as the new year approaches.

Instead ask yourself what about the quality of your life you are looking to improve on.

Would you like your joints to stop hurting?

Would you like to be able to walk up or down a flight of stairs without being out of breadth?

Would you like to be free of back pain? or how about those shoulders?

Would you like to like to get off some of your medications or even decrease your chances of osteoporosis?

If you answered yes to any of those above, then I can tell you that looking good nekked is going to end up being a pleasant little byproduct of the process.

Yep, true story!

Let's stop looking at the number on the scale and start thinking about creating a routine that allows you to build a health body composition that is mobile, flexible and strong for a better quality of life.

A body that is pain free.

How's that sound?

To get started with #getfitegv, just give us a call or message us on social media with any questions you might have!

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