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Hips & Lower Back Pain

Pain in your hips and lower back can be attributed to many factors that are very much integrated as part of our daily lives. It's from being sedentary at work. It's from being on your feet all day. It's from running. It's from weightlifting. It's from being a functional human being, but it is not "normal" to be in constant pain.

In fact, when you are in constant pain and then all of a sudden the pain goes away, the issue that was causing the pain likely did not go away, but rather your body just got tired of sending you signals that you were going to ignore anyway. This is how pain turns into sever injury and ultimately affecting your quality of life temporarily or even permanently.

Since hip and lower back pain is such a common phenomenon, I put together this 3 part series that starts you off with a thorough and accessible stretching routine, followed by an effective hip strengthening workout and then ending with a core and stability routine.

This 3 part series is best suited for someone that is currently experiencing pain and have noticed a significant decline in their workout routine or daily activities as a result of this pain. Variations of each movement are also demonstrated so that if you are just starting out or a little more advanced, there is something for you to get you to the next step to better health.

Check them out here:

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