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Updated: Oct 9, 2020

One of the things I love about CrossFit - you are never too old to start your journey to wellness with improved flexibility, mobility and strength!

Fact is that in #CrossFit when you're "old" they don't call you a senior citizen, like you're old, and give you a discount. Instead, they refer to you as Masters because your experience is valued and you are expected to bring something to the table.

If you have ever watched a competition with various age groups like Battle of the Ages, you'll see that the younger generation may have the speed and sometimes strength to get them to the finish line but the Masters have experience and efficiency that will also get them similar, if not better, results. The difference is that the Masters will often times do it with less effort and a lowered risk of injury because they know their limits.

They know their body.

This past week I took a trip to Naples, FL and dropped in on a class at CrossFit Naples where I met the owner and head coach Mario Ashley. I made note to register for a later morning class since I'm the one on vacation and let's face it, the 5:30am class is there to get it in and get on with their morning - they don't need me throwing a wrench into their routine.

The 9:30am class I picked followed his Master's class, so I got their early to see what kinda demographic would be there since the website said his Master's Class was for individuals between the ages of 60 and 80.

Well holy shit, was that class tearing it up when I got there!

The WOD was:

50 Weighted Wall-Ball Sit Ups

50 Hybrid Kettlebell Swings

25 Weighted Wall-Ball Sit Ups

200m Weighted Wall-Ball Run

Oh, and a 6 x 20 second pull-up hold buy in before they got started.

They were crushing it! One lady, closest to me, whom you could tell was going through some sort of chemotherapy, in the middle of her sit ups looked at me and said "you're next!" as she continued to hammer out her sit-ups. I was like, "Hot, dayum yes I am! Get it!".

Anyhoo, had a great workout two days in a row with Mario and I gotta say that it really doesn't matter what you do to stay active but it does matter that you continue to show up and push your limits especially when you are feeling good . . . and on vacation.

Health has no limits and it does not discriminate!

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