Online Workouts Are Definitely a Thing!

Even before the pandemic, many people chose to get their workouts online - whether it be a good ol' Biggest Loser DVD or a program that came with your new Peloton.

Online workouts are convenient and can be done in the privacy of you own home.

Here at GET FIT EGV, we believe that if your goal is to get healthy, then there will always be a way to get there which is why I created FIT30 ROULETTE.

FIT30 ROULETTE is a quick, online, 30 minute lead workout that includes a warm up, workout and cooldown. The best part about this type of workout is that if you catch them live, you won't overthink it because the movements are picked randomly at the time of class. The one thing you can count on for this workout is the structure which goes a little something like this:


10 Reps

30 Seconds

20 Reps

15 Second

30 Reps

Today, one of my client's Lea (follow her at @staar_fit on IG) let me take her through a FIT30 ROULETTE workout AFTER her usual Friday workout with me at the gym. Oye! Whata beast!

Lea has been an incredible example of hard work and determination!

Workout with her here in her first online video using coupon code TRYFREE to get it free*.

*for a limited time only

Last, but not least, if you are looking to try these online workouts and maybe get out a little bit over the weekend GET FIT EGV offers a Weekend Pass at a cost of $50 per month which includes unlimited online workouts and access to anything on the weekend schedule at the gym ie., FIT60 on the weekends or #rucktheworkweek on Sunday mornings at 8am.

To sign up for a Weekend Pass, click here.

If you're a CrossFitter and have your own setup at home, you can also pick up my custom programming, that only my members get, from my #sugarwod platform here for just $40 per month.

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If you're interested in health and fitness and have been looking for a better way to get there, then you should try functional fitness.  Competitive personal training rates offered to get you started with a one-on-one session or stop by one of my FIT60 group classes!

Don't have time?  Check out my FIT30 online workouts - just 30 minutes!

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