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Our Mission Statement

As one of the leaders in functional training in the Elk Grove Village community, our mission statement at Get Fit EGV is based on making a bigger impact on your health and fitness goals with a smaller community.

Our focus at Get Fit EGV is working with the individual via personal training and/or semi-private small group training classes to improve overall function for a higher quality of life.

Generally when people think "healthy", they think weight-loss however losing a few pounds doesn't always equate to a life that is pain free, but addressing poor function as a priority instead will often lead to that healthier lifestyle. I say this because I know this as I've told the story of me being in my 20's and having appointments for doctors and specialists of every kind because of my painful knees, my aching shoulders and lower back pain. Now, more than two decades later, I'm happy to say that not only do I enjoy the body I am in, I am living pain free. And this is all because I took the time and worked with the experts to learn how to train with my body as a whole instead of in parts.

I learned that my body's number one innate priority is to make sure I function as efficiently as possible. So, if you sit all day, your body will make sure your body develops into one that is efficient at sitting for long periods of time - shortened chest muscles, hunched back, tight hip flexors, etc. This creates imbalance in your body and imbalance over time equals injury. Then if you do the extreme opposite and stand all day - those hamstrings shorten and get tight, if you're not engaging your core while you stand you'll likely have lower back pain too. This creates imbalance in your body and imbalance over time creates injury.

If you're thinking that what you have always done in your life to get back to what you've been told is healthy isn't working for you anymore, I can tell you that it's not age, hormones or carbs that's keeping you stuck. It's your frame of mind that's sabotaging your success.

Here at Get Fit EGV, we help each of our members understand that healthy means balance. Balance in your daily life - whether that's getting active, eating right or simply just being more mindful about the things that really count.

To get started on your health journey, schedule your 90 minute comprehensive assessment now with Coach Ro and find out what your path to success looks like.

It doesn't have to be difficult and she'll show you how!

Ready to commit? Sign up today for a monthly 2x/ 3x per week membership and get your first week free!

Let's get fit together!

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