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Turn Your Fitness Why into Personal Success with One Change

Why are you here?

What are your goals?

These questions are really asking what your motivation is for joining a gym or working with a personal trainer.

I’ve heard a lot of reasons for taking that first step. It frustrates me that most of those reasons are for physical aesthetics that please other people. The reason is often to lose weight or to have more muscle definition. I’ve even had clients tell me the only reason they’re doing ‘this’ is so they can get laid by anyone they want!

When you base your health priorities on people’s opinions of you, there will never be a sense of accomplishment. As a personal trainer and coach, I’ve seen it happen repeatedly for my clients and gym family. Look at the best relationships in your life. Those didn’t become what they are purely based on physical attraction. Neither partner puts an incredible amount of value in what the other looks like physically, because the emotional and mental connections carry the relationship. The physical attraction is a bonus!

I can’t tell you what your goals should be, but I can give you the tools that will allow you to develop the routine and discipline that will get you the results and self-confidence you want.

You come to the gym to make a change.

You come to learn to use all these new tools available to you. The most important of these tools will be community, comradery, and commitment. Becoming your healthiest self goes beyond cardio equipment, weights, and nutrition because your healthiest self is more than just aesthetically pleasing.

You come to learn how to get different results than what you’ve had in the past.

And when you come, you owe it to yourself to be here for you and not anyone else

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