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Week One Done of COVID-19 Quarantine

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Boy oh boy whata week huh guys? I know I'm exhausted.

People that were regular gym goers are going absolutely nuts trying to figure out where they can find an approved place to work out. Zoom zoom zoom!

And those that were thinking about going have probably decided that this is a sign to keep procrastinating. Ha.

No gyms are open. Or at least they shouldn't be if they give a care at all about you or their members.

The irony of it is, that I have been working in the virtual space for almost 3 years now. I've worked with clients all over the world, helping them dial in their nutrition and adhere to a fitness routine that gets the results they want. This is not new territory for me. But it could be for you. So let's work on what you should see when you search for trainers near me or gyms near me, because we all know week two has gotta be better than week one with more showers and less day drinking. After all, this could be a new way of life!

Now that coaches are forced to go into the virtual world, you need to make sure that they have stepped up their game. It's no longer them just showing up to the gym to watch you work out. They need to be providing you with more value because if they don't, why not just get your workout from Pinterst or WODroulette? Hm?

The coaches that are doing it right are taking a personal interest in your health goals. It's not just about weightloss, it's about developing a body with a healthy body composition so you can continue to do the things you love in life . . . yes, and run from the zombies. LOL

This is a great opportunity for both members and coaches. Members can get more value for their membership fee because overhead is now less for the gym owner but also, coaches can give more value because everything and everyone is at their fingertips. Virtual training fits into any schedule because it's straight up your schedule. Virtual training literally takes away all the excuses and boom, you got more time and the resources to get started or level up.

If you are wondering what your next step is to stay or get healthy, then I say join my Facebook group to learn more and have me as a personal resource or schedule a free call with me to talk here.

Oh, and I'll also be kicking off some online small group training programs which will be announced in the FB group weekly so make sure you join so you don't miss it!

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