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What is Effecting Your Immune System?

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

The Immune System's Job . . . Detect and Destroy

[did you hear me say that in my robot voice? ha.]

When working optimally, the immune system can prevent sickness when we're exposed to germs. Several factors like sleep, diet, stress and hygiene can affect the immune system's performance, and any offsets in these behaviors can cause havoc on immune function.

So you've been in quarantine for like a month now right?

Are you sleeping better? Have your eating habits improved? Are you less stressed?

Sha. NO. Probably not. I, myself, had me a little melt down yesterday with some residual anxiety today. We cannot control the outcome of this pandemic we are living through (but gosh darn my brain of mine is trying for sure!) but we can control our part in it.

We can start taking the necessary steps to making our healthy a priority.

We can start improving on those things that will have a direct effect on our immune system so that we literally have a fighting chance.

We can start eating better - this will give us more energy to do the thing we want to do.

We can start being more active - because thanks to eating better we have that energy to do this.

We can start sleeping better - we're more active, our body is less restless and therefore the quality of our sleep goes up. And if we're sleeping better our body is also getting better at repairing itself.

We're sleeping better so we're now managing stress better. It's inevitable.


Now all you gotta do is wash your hands and we've actually checked all the things off the list above to optimize our immune system's performance!

Phew! That was easy!

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