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What the Ruck?

Looking to get started with a new challenge for the new year, not into running or want to take your current walking routine to the next level?

Then let's ruck it! That's right! I said it!

Depending on how you view your work week, Sunday end or Sunday start, getting in a solid ruck will be either the perfect end to a hectic week, a great way to kick off the new week or both!

If this is your first time rucking, no worries! Just come to walk and meet new people!

Rucking is a way to exercise in a highly efficient manner, as it targets several key areas of fitness at the same time.

You can transform your body with rucking in many ways, including:

  • Building up your muscles, particularly your shoulders, core, and back.

  • Shedding fat as you burn three times as many calories as you could walking without the backpack and get the same benefits of running and jogging (with less risk of injury).

  • Improving your overall posture as you strengthen your back muscles.

  • Relieving and preventing back pain.

  • Strengthening your hip and posture stability, making you less injury prone in general.

Rucking effectively allows you to combine aerobic training and strength training while slicing your workout to a fraction of the time. The more you go rucking, the more you can notice its impact on the rest of your health. Your posture as you sit at your office desk is better. Your stamina is improved during your other workouts. Your pesky back pain decreases or vanishes entirely. Rucking provides lasting benefits affecting many areas of your health.

For more information on what rucking is and tips on getting started, check out this link: I can also share some additional pointers with you during our ruck because we will have plenty of time to talk and get to know each other while we get fit together!

If you are thinking about attending one of our rucks - please PLACE YOUR VOTE HERE for next year's schedule! Form closes Friday, 12/31/21 for our first ruck to be scheduled that same weekend.

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