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You gotta put in the work if you want results!

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

"You gotta put in the work if you want results!" is what you see on social media from one weight loss challenge or fad diet to the other dontcha? They give you a million and one things you need to do to "jump-start" your health for the new year - it's just that easy they say! And the new year is tomorrow! *GASP* What are you going to do?!

- Drink more water.

- Walk more.

- Eat better.

- Workout more.

- Stress less.

- Meditate.

- Gratitude.

- Change your environment.

- Sleep more.


What if doing what you're doing already isn't so bad? Have you ever considered that?

What if your 30 day jump start consisted of just keeping track of what you do to do you and nothing else.





That's right, what if you paid attention to some of this, instead of some of that:

- How much water do you actually drink in a day?

- What kinda steps you getting in everyday?

- What kinds of foods do you eat throughout the day? Does it change if you're tired or stressed? How about if you're working from home or from the office?

- What do you do now for activity? Activity doesn't have to be working out.

- Are you even stressed? If so, what about? The pandemic? Sha. Meet too. Your feelings can be a flight or fight response to your situation which is designed to keep you safe - should you be suppressing it? Let's talk about it.

- Did you know that meditation is accessible through various mediums? Could be coloring one of those swear books or knitting or cooking. Don't always gotta sit in an empty room Oh-ming.

- The importance of gratitude is actually a pretty big deal, but hell is it hard when you are trying to navigate what we've been going through the last year. If you can't express gratitude at this very moment, then be present. Focus on the thing immediately in front of you and only that until you are done processing it and then move onto the next task, thought or emotion.

- Changing your environment isn't as easy as it sounds sometimes, but if you hone in on some of the stuff I mentioned above by tracking whether it be with a written or electronic voice diary (yup, there is an app for errrrrything) you might change your frame of mind before you need to change your environment. Perspective is everything. And sometimes, it's you - not them.

- Sleep is very important, but just because you're not getting 8 hours of sleep a night, doesn't mean you're not getting enough sleep. Are you well rested when you wake up? Do you dream? What does your body look and feel like when you first wake up? Are you bloated? Do you feel light and spry?

The new year doesn't have to mean a new you.

There's nothing wrong with you.

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