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Build Up Your Strength with Powerlifting Near Me

Powerlifting is often thought of as a competitive sport, but really, anyone can do it. The main goal of powerlifting near me is to lift as much weight as you possibly can for one full repetition. It aims to assess exactly how strong you really are when you are lifting to your maximum possible limits. You should be completely spent after just one rep.

In a competition, there are three types of events. The squat is when you hold the barbell over the back of your shoulders, behind your neck. The bench press is where you lay back on the bench, under the barbell, and lift the weight up and over your head, rest it on your chest, and then back to the bar. The deadlift is where you lift the weights off the floor, hold them, and then drop them back down as soon as the rep is complete. Each competitor receives three attempts at each event and only the heaviest attempt is counted. At the end, the highest weight for each event is added up to receive a total weight. The competitor with the highest total weight is the winner.

One of the most beautiful things about functional workout training is that everyone can participate. You may think that only big, strong, tough men can compete, but there's actually a wide range of competitors! Each event has different weight classes, gender groups, and age groups. There can be competitors as young as their teens, and as old as their 60s. Men and women both compete and each have their own weight classes. Men typically start around 114 pounds and can go up to 308 pounds or more. Women start at 97 pounds and can reach 198 pounds or higher. 

If you're looking for a functional workout training program, give Get Fit EGV a call today. We're a small group of passionate people that love to help each other achieve our fitness goals. Whether you're just starting out, or looking for a new home to continue your training, I'd love to see you in the gym! We work hard to maintain a supportive atmosphere that's approachable for everyone. We don't focus on results only, but instead look at the whole picture of mind and body wellness. If this sounds like the kind of gym you're looking for, I'd love to speak with you! We can discuss your goals, availability, and how we can work best together.

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