Michael Patrick "Murph" Murphy was a United States Navy SEAL officer who was awarded the U.S. military's highest decoration, the Medal of Honor, for his actions during the War in Afghanistan. He was the first member of the U.S. Navy to receive the award since the Vietnam War.


I went ahead an modified the traditional workout for those of us that do not have access to a pull up bar at home or maybe you are just getting started and looking for community. No matter where you are at, you can do it and we will do it together.


This goes beyond beating last year's time. This is one of Lt Murphy's favorite workouts called "Body Armor". Time and time again he used it to challenge his mind, his body, to test his loyalty and discipline, to prepare and serve our country. He was killed at 29.


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  • Link to the workout are in the attached document as well as a written version of the workout so you can reference it.  

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