GET FIT EGV located in Elk Grove Village, IL is not your basic gym or fitness facility, it is a community made up of exceptional people.  


Coach Ro takes a personal interest in each and everyone of your goals.


Please read the Rules & Guidelines as you consider GET FIT EGV for personal training and group functional fitness classes.


Please introduce yourself to any new member you come in counter with. 


It's the polite thing to do.


Unless your safety is compromised, it is important for you to maintain control of the  barbell path and any overhead weights during a lift.  This is where the strength and integrity of your workout is developed.  By doing so, it helps reduce the risk of injury, promotes good technique and helps improve overall function of that movement.


Dropping of any weights without crash pads is not permitted.


Please put back all weights and equipment at the end of your session, cleaning any surfaces you've come encounter with using the provided cleaning supplies.


If you arrive early for your class or personal training session, public restrooms are provided down the hall for changing and cleaning.  Some basic toiletries will also be provided for your convenience for a quick clean up after a workout.


Bring your own towel to dry off your sweat from yourself and equipment during and after a  workout.


Water cooler for free fill ups is provided.  


No shower available.


No day care available, however, accommodations can be made with advance notice.


Finish your workout early?

  • Clean your equipment.

  • Put away your equipment.

  • Do extra credit OR stretch OR stay and cheer other members on while they finish the WOD aka Workout of the Day