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12-Week [Olympic Lifting] - Level I

  • 120Days
  • 19Steps
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Build the habit of daily activity with one of these 12-week self paced programs. This [Olympic Lifting - Level I] program allows you to work on progressive movements to not only enhance the power behind your Clean & Jerks and Snatches, but your mobility and strength in them. $31/ month gets you access to a database of 12-week workouts at your finger tips as well as access to our live WixFit group on the app. $95 one time purchase gets you access to that program and one-on-one access to Coach Ro during the 12-week program for tips and support to get you to your goals safely and effectively. What are your goals? You'll have 120 days to complete each 90 day program. You can also accelerate the program into 4 weeks based on your current level of experience by performing 2-3 training sessions a week since they are progressive.

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