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3 Cold Weather Health Tips

When we decide to make our health a priority, a few things come to mind: get active, eat better and drink more water. Sometimes doing all three at the same time becomes a challenge during the winter months—it’s cold outside, there’s ice and it’s windy. Favorite holiday dishes are what we’ve been looking forward to all year and drinking water is just blah. Here are a few tips to getting and staying healthy during our cold weather months.

  1. Take advantage of the cold and program the thermostat for the optimal sleeping temperature at night between 60° and 67° F and save on the heating bill. Being well-rested improves clarity in thinking, elevates moods and helps keep our cortisol levels (a stress hormone) low.

  2. Consider eating more soups for meals throughout the week to up your protein and vegetable intake. An InstaPot or similar product is perfect for a quick fix after work, or use a slow cooker to set it and forget it while you are at work. If you go the slow cooker route, prep the ceramic pot the night before and put it in the fridge, then the next morning while making coffee, throw it on for a slow cook.

  3. Whether we like drinking water regularly or not, hydration is an important component of overall health. The water in our body moistens and protects tissues and organs, helps prevent constipation, assists with dissolving minerals and other nutrients, regulates body temperature and carries nutrients and oxygen to our cells.

Water also lubricates joints and decreases the burden on both our kidneys and liver by flushing out harmful toxins. For those that don’t like the way plain water tastes, instead of adding powders or squirt packets bought off the shelf at the supermarket, consider essential oils or tea for their added benefits. They can help improve digestion and lymphatic drainage, lift our mood and strengthen the immune system. Plus, a nice, hot beverage will help keep us warm and toasty in a Midwestern winter.

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