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But We Don't Do Weight Loss Challenges

Here at Get Fit EGV, we don't do weight loss challenges.

We don't do before and after photos.

We don't promote weight loss as an urgency for a better lifestyle.

Why? Because, weight loss isn't the answer. And there isn't just one answer to living a healthier lifestyle.

If you are thinking about leveling up your current routine or getting started on this journey to better health, I challenge you to think outside the box and strive for better movement, better function and higher quality of life instead before hopping on that scale to see how much weight you think you need to lose.

Setting a goal to move better can mean sitting less throughout the day.

Setting a goal to function better can mean getting an additional hour of sleep during the work week.

Setting a goal to improve the quality of your life can mean to looking into sources for surrounding yourself with like minded people.

If you goal is to lose weight, we can help with that too but I'm certainly not going to place a time frame on when that goal needs to be met or show you some photos of people that met their goals under completely different circumstances than yours. That's just not fair.

You are you and when you accept that for what it really means, that's when the magic really happens.

When you decide that you are enough the way you are now, then you can make changes to better yourself.

Interested in working with Get Fit EGV? Sign up on our app to get started.

More class times coming for adult and kids classes as well as open gym.

Stay tuned!

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