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Tips for Getting Active in 2022

We should all be grateful for the opportunity to start another year of our lives, however, it can also be challenging to change a routine that has developed out of a pandemic. We have literally spent the last 2 years doing so many things we have been told that will not lead to a healthy lifestyle - less activity, more wine and beer, you name it!

Joking aside, these things have probably had an impact on not just our physical health, but our emotional and mental state as well. So, how do we get more active in this new year - physically - emotionally - mentally.

Below are a few tips for each which should jog some creative juices to get you going on that path to better health:

Increase Physical Activity

  • Stay around the house to re-organize your living/ work space.

  • Walk, bike, skate to your destination if you are able to. Yes, it’s cold, but if it’s not wet out and there is no snow - this is very possible! Trust me, you will love it. It truly makes you feel so alive and appreciative of what you are still capable of doing!

  • Consider developing a light stretching routine for your mornings when you first wake and then again when you go to bed. These can all be done while you’re still in bed, but still be able to reap the benefits of keeping your lymphatic system healthy!

Increase Emotional Activity

  • Forget an activity tracker, but instead try the Amazon Halo. Although it will give you some insight on daily activity, it will also report on your sleep quality and the tone of your voice as you interact with others more and more. A little feedback goes a long way in terms of our emotions and being in tune with them.

  • Spend a little extra time being in close physical contact with your significant other/ loved ones or be more present in your conversations and activities with them.

  • Find and respect the space you need to recharge. If you are an extrovert, don’t hesitate to reach out to others with your same energy. We can do anything now for meetings or events - in person, online, virtual. If you are an introvert, allow yourself that time to be alone. Shut off notifications on your phone, pause your in-box, cancel that lunch meeting because you’d prefer to conserve your energy. It’s all okay, believe me.

Increase Mental Activity

  • Read a book about a topic you are totally unfamiliar with.

  • Encourage conversations around developing new ideas instead of catching up on gossip.

  • Take a class to level up in one of your hobbies. Many times when we think of going back to school, it’s always with the mindset to further our careers, but what about increasing the quality of that work/life balance everyone talks about?

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