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How Your Body Uses Food Makes An Amazing Difference to Your Health

Our body’s priority is never to fit into a particular size of clothing or to look a certain way in the mirror. Those things are based in vanity, not health.

A body’s number one priority is to sustain life - not have abs, a killer ass or boulder shoulders. After sustaining life, a body’s next priority is to remain functional. Better function translates directly into a better quality of life. After both life and function have been achieved, a body can prioritize increasing strength, flexibility, and agility.

Society has taught us that neglecting our bodies’ priorities with weight loss pills, extreme dieting, and supplements is the fast and easy route to health. “Skinny is Healthy” is the marquee on social media, on television, and in your mail. But that doesn’t take into account our bodies’ chief priorities of sustaining life and functioning.

What is your food made of?

With all the fad diets out there, we often forget that food is energy and nutrition for our bodies. If you’re always on the lookout for foods with zero points, chances are you’re missing out on quality nutrients. Our bodies naturally use those nutrients to provide us with short- or long-term energy as well as provide for recovery from a variety of stressors.

If you’re not sure what nutrients make up your food, then let’s talk. No matter how you choose to get to better health, you owe it to yourself to understand how food translates into what you’re made of.

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