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My Secret Sauce for Success - Try My 6 Ingredient Recipe!

Often during my consultations with new clients, they’ll tell me “it was missing something.” They’re usually describing their latest health regimen and why they hadn’t been able to achieve their goals.

It was the Secret Sauce. I’m going to share with you exactly what you need to prepare the Secret Sauce so you can reach your goals.


Whether you are looking to lose weight or get stronger, you need to make sure your current structure is sound. What do I mean by that? There are several questions you should ask yourself which can influence your health journey.

  • Is this your first try at changing your lifestyle?

  • Have you ever changed your eating habits or used an exercise program?

  • Were you recently injured or still recovering from surgery?

  • Are you considered severely obese based on BMI?

  • Can you do movements such as squatting, lifting your arms over your head, picking things off the floor, or pushing a door closed?

The expression, walk before you run is a hard fast rule here. Being honest with yourself (and your coach) means a decreased chance for injuries and a better chance at success. Pushing too hard, too fast, is not the answer.


If your goal is weight loss or muscle gain - everything takes time and the quicker you want the results, the more drastic the process must be. You either need to adjust your loss/gain goals or your achievement timeframe so they match.


Drastic changes to your current routine are difficult to support. What’s the rush? Change your routine to one you can see yourself doing for 1 week, 1 month, 1 year (or longer). The goal may take more time to achieve, but if you hit it, isn’t that worth the wait?


So many people think that weight loss is going to be the answer to everything. They believe losing a few pounds will cure all their health problems and make their body feel as young as they feel mentally. For many individuals, focusing on an improved body composition, instead of weight loss, will yield the results you want. These are goals that will be sustainable and lead you along a path, so you always know the next step.


This is where a coach is a great resource. Without a doubt, we are all creatures of habit, so having an outside source identify those patterns and how they might be self-sabotaging your goals is invaluable. Yes, you can do this alone, but I guarantee it will involve a lot more trial-and-error than working with a trained professional.


Reaching your goals for any new endeavor is a process. If there is no follow through, there will be no results. And just because you may slip here and there, doesn’t mean there will be no progress. A missed day is not a failed goal.

No amount of supplements or pills are going to give you longevity in your life. The only thing that will change your health is your daily commitment towards a healthier lifestyle. If you have become complacent about our health day after day, you can reverse that habit by being more mindful. Take more walks, make different food choices, and go to bed earlier. Take it step-by-step and before you know it, you’ll be there.

Bottom line is, there is no “Secret Sauce” - but now you’ve got all the ingredients to make your goals a reality.

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